How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers – Warning, Keep Private Detectives Away


One of my 內地調查 friends wanted to trace cell phone numbers. She was getting quite a lot of prank calls on her mobile phone. The caller ID shows the telephone number, but she had no idea who it was. So we decided to find out how to trace a mobile phone number. We sat down at the computer and started searching Google to find a solution to her problem. Since we already knew the mobile number and wanted to find the caller’s name, what we needed was a reverse phone number lookup. We found out several ways of doing a reverse cell phone lookup.

The commonest way people used to trace cell phone numbers was using private detectives. Some people still do it, but this takes time, because human machines are slower and they also charged hundreds of dollars. The commonest mistake people make in looking up cell phone numbers is going to the white pages. White pages only have land phones, therefore is of very limited help if what you need is to trace a mobile phone number. Apparently cellular phone directories don’t exist. This is done on purpose to protect your privacy, so that people including telemarketers don’t get access to wireless numbers.

The only way to do reverse cell phone lookups was using paid services as far as we could find out. Apparently the state keeps records of all new cellular numbers and these agencies are able to acquire them through these agencies. However, the numbers cannot be given freely to the public because that will be like handing them over to telemarketers. So we had to pay a very small fee to trace cell phone numbers. You won’t believe what we ultimately found out. It was my friend’s best girl friend’s brother that has been bugging her. Anyway thanks to that service, we were able to put a stop to the nuisance.


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