Learn How to Explode Your Hypnosis Technique With Nested Loops and Hypnotic Stories

Great hypnotists apply correct hypnosis technique and practice well to achieve their goals.

Proper nested loop structures will greatly help. First of all, you need to know how to discern what types of stories to use. You also need to know the number of stories you need. Stories can come in many forms such as conversational, anecdote, direct story, fairy tale, and another type of direct story.

In creating nested loops, you need to learn how to design a sequence that will best comply to the hook&loop circumstances that your subject is in. It is also essential that you understand the relationships of these different types of stories to enhance your sequence. A good combination and sequencing of your stories will make your subject focus attention on your session, and will generate success.

To enhance your hypnosis technique, you can choose which types to use more in your nested loops. You need to design your nested loops according to the purpose of your hypnosis session. Bear in mind that you have to make sure you design a sequence that would keep your subject’s attention to your stories.

Your goal must be uninterrupted delivery and smooth process. You can decide on your own and vary the sequence of your stories thereby creating a mini loop. Mini loops will make your stories more natural and will help your subject arrive to a resolution in the process.

You may also apply other aspects as you design your nested loops. These aspects include piggy back principle, seeding, and rapport hooks which will get your subject drawn to your stories. Remember to have a theme and a great stack of stories that you really love to apply the principle of going first. This simply means that if you love your stories, then your subject will also love them. It is also important to choose stories which are adaptable for many different purposes and subjects.

For any hypnosis technique, there is no hard and fast rule as long as it fits the situation and your subject’s needs. The more you practice, the more natural you become in delivering your stories.

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