LED TV – The Eco Friendly TV

The light emitting display television or the LED TV is one of the newest television craze. Companies have been boasting of the different benefits of having an LED TV including its echo friendly feature. Companies such as Vizio, ProScan, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Toshiba and Philips are offering the advanced feature of echo friendly LED TV. For the benefit of those who does not know, the LED Television is the liquid-crystal display TV or the LCD TV that uses LED backlighting rather than the how to delete a mega account common cold cathode fluorescent lights that the LCD TV is using.

You are maybe wondering why they are using the LED light and not just used the traditional cold cathode fluorescent light or CCF light. It is because the LED backlit can produce pictures with excellent dynamic contrast compared to the fluorescent light. The TV screen is much slim because of the edge-LED lighting. A wider color scope is one reason why LED lighting is preferred than the common fluorescent lighting especially when RGB-LED back lighting is used.

Sony Qualia 005 was the very first LED Television introduced in the year 2004 and this feature the RGB LED arrays that offer twice resolution than the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light LCD TV. Red Green and Blue LEDS produce a better light output of pure white that the single white light LED. Selected Sony Bravia LCD TV uses the RGB LED technology with the additional feature of local dimming that allows a better on-screen contrast.

Sony also introduced the first Edge LED light technology on the September of 2008 and it is a 40 inch BRAVIA KLV-40ZX1M. The major benefit of the Edge LED TV is its thin housing and the first Edge TV is as thin as 9.9 mm. extremely thin housing Edge LED TV are introduced by Samsung.

The LED TV displays a more high resolution because LED can be switched on and off more quickly than the fluorescent lighting. This is also the reason why LED TV offers a high ratio contrast. Though LED Television offers deep black and high brightness image care should be taken with measurements of pure white and pure black output because Edge-LED lighting does not allow reproduction of this color simultaneously.

Just last September 2009 Nanoco Group together with major Japanese Electronics Company has announced that they will develop a new LED technology that would enhance the display of the LED TV. The quantum dot is the third LED technology together with Edge LED and RGB LED. The quantum dots emit light with a very particular gaussuian distribution making the display excellent for it accurately delivers the colors that our naked eye can perceive. This new technology requires a little power because it is not color filtered.

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