Quad-Core Exynos On The Samsung Galaxy S3

The suspense is building up over the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3. There are many rumors that surround the arrival of this super phone. The only thing that we are sure about it is the phone’s powerful processor. Yes, a Samsung Executive said that the Galaxy S3 will be sporting a Quad-Core Exynos processor. If the second generation Samsung Galaxy was able to wow the whole world with its powerful dual-core processor, what more this handset?

Yes, there is no specific processor model mentioned and the unnamed Samsung Executive said that the Galaxy S3 will be using a 32nm Quad-Core processor. That’s all we know so far. But there is a big possibility that the said Executive is talking about the Exynos 4412. This processor was first shown during the MWC or Mobile World Congress back in February of this year. The Samsung Galaxy S2 sports the Exynos 4210. The said 4412 models will run at 1.5GHz and it has a Quad-Core Mali-based GPU. It is capable of offering you 35-50% faster performance, all of this without sacrificing the phone’s battery life. Now, that is a lot of power compared to Samsung’s current flagship (the Galaxy S2). samsung 55au7700

The Official also said that Samsung is now confident about their progress in producing logic-based chips for their high-end devices. We are all aware of how powerful Samsung is now when it comes to the latest technology. They are truly a company to beat when it comes to almost everything and anything they make.

The rumored specs of the Galaxy S3 have been a hot topic for discussion. This includes the famous 1.5GHz Quad-Core processor. It includes an 8MP camera with zero-shutter lag and a 2MP front-facing camera. It also may come in with 4G LTE, Android’s latest iteration the Ice Cream Sandwich, and an amazing bezel-less design. It is also rumored to come in a dense ceramic casing. Again, there are many rumors that surround the impending release of this super phone. It is just a matter of time until we finally hear from Samsung.

Samsung’s unconfirmed promo material for their Galaxy S3 suggests that the handset won’t be introduced (officially) until the 22nd of May. This date is also the supposed Samsung Unpacked event. It is quite hard to tell now, but there might be some truth to it. This is given the fact that Samsung said that they will show the world the said device sometime soon. The rumored powerful Quad-Core Exynos processor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is something that is worth waiting for. Again, all we can do is to simply wait and see.


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