Tips on Getting the Right Type of Moving Boxes for Your Move


Moving boxes are the most basic necessity you need if you are moving. Of course, you will need a variety of other supplies as well, including packing tape, markers or labels to label your boxes, cushioning such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts to keep your belongings from being damaged. However, boxes are the most important things you must have when moving. And not just any boxes, but the right size and shape of boxes to ensure that your possessions get to your new home safely and securely. Here are some tips on getting the right type of boxes to make your move easier.

First of all, make an inventory of all the stuff that you have to pack up, arranged according to what type they are, i.e. the number of books you have, the types of clothes or kitchenware and so on. Then you have to decide on the type of moving boxes to buy that will allow you to pack them securely. While the general type of boxes is appropriate for most objects, you may need specialized boxes for other belongings that are fragile or need to be packed in a special way to prevent damage.

Second, decide how many moving boxes you need and what sizes they should be. There are a wide variety of box sizes available, ranging from small 1.5 cubic foot boxes which can be used to pack and store small appliances and kitchenware perforated packaging and can carry as much as 60 lbs to 6.0 cubic foot boxes that have a capacity of 70 lb and are used for larger belongings such as sofa cushions, large blankets and toys. However, you should not pack these boxes to their full weight capacity; keep them 5 to 10 pounds less to prevent them from being too heavy. And to ensure that you are getting the strongest boxes that will withstand rough handling and being stacked below other boxes when they are stored, look for those which have a high edge crush test (ECT) value, which is a measure of the carton’s stacking strength.

Third, look for specialized moving boxes for items that cannot be transported in regular boxes. These types of boxes include cell boxes that have interior cardboard dividers and are ideal for transporting bottles and glasses, wardrobe boxes which have a metal bar inside for hanging clothes that will get easily wrinkled, picture and mirror boxes that are rectangular and flat and allow you to combine two boxes to get a single longer box and mattress boxes that will protect mattresses from being punctured and ripped and will preserve them better than plastic bags if they will be stored for a while.

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